Waveform 3

by Joshua Morse

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Andrew thumbnail
Andrew A great album with a ton of variety. Every track is different, be it jazzy, upbeat or lyrical. Favorite track: Turtle Dance 2.
D. Andruik
D. Andruik thumbnail
D. Andruik Joshua Morse keeps the funk alive. There hasn't been an album I've regretted buying yet!
Dillon Ethier
Dillon Ethier thumbnail
Dillon Ethier The third entry in Joshua Morse's Waveform series of EPs. First of all, this kicks off what seems to be a recurring tradition of remixing the first track of Waveform 2, Turtle Dance. We see another iteration of the styles he explored last time- house/disco, DnB, latin jazz, this kind of heavy fusion that I don't really have a name for, etc. If you liked WF2, get this, and if you like this, get WF2. Heck, get all of 'em, you won't regret it. Favorite track: Mr. Fusion Spy.
Nathaniel Morris
Nathaniel Morris thumbnail
Nathaniel Morris Chiptune Chiptune Chiptune! What more can I say? Josh hits home with this album, his groovy innovative style has me bouncing around in my chair every time I give it a listen. Favorite track: Turtle Dance 2.
Pablo Vasques B Villalba
Pablo Vasques B Villalba thumbnail
Pablo Vasques B Villalba Joshua Morse is a very creative composer, and it shows in this short, fun album. Favorite track: Turtle Dance 2.
Ben Briggs
Ben Briggs thumbnail
Ben Briggs Epic, plain and simple. If you haven't heard this yet, you're missing out. Favorite track: Turtle Dance 2.


released April 24, 2012



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