Waveform 5

by Joshua Morse

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Jordan Aguirre
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Jordan Aguirre Joshua Morse is a fusion and house king, not to mention excellent at getting that chiptune sound and capturing amazing solo-esque breakdowns and build ups. Mastering this EP made me appreciate his music tenfold Favorite track: Fusion Passport.
Riaka thumbnail
Riaka Really feels like playing a game. Favorite track: Bossa Bucket.
Dillon Ethier
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Dillon Ethier Is this the final entry in the Waveform series? According to JM's site, "The Waveform Collection" is in the works. Well, let's hope for the best. Joshua seems to have settled into a nice groove here. Imagine if late 80s/early 90s funk/jazz fusion groups were entirely made up of cheesy synths instead of only featuring some cheesy synths. Well, that's pretty close to what this EP is, except it isn't cheesy, it's freakin' sweet! Favorite track: Cityscape.
Gregory Evangelista
Gregory Evangelista thumbnail
Gregory Evangelista Joshua Morse could keep releasing Waveform EPs in perpetuity, and I would continue to buy every single one. What started as a few simple chiptunes has grown with each subsequent release into a grander exploration of FM synth and SNES soundfonts, consistently pushing the limits of a very Joshua Morse style. Half the fun is in seeing how Morse reinterprets his own style every time. Favorite track: Turtle Dance 4.


Waveform 5 is the fifth installment in a series of chipdiscs from music
composer and producer Joshua Morse. Waveform 5 draws its sounds from mostly FM synthesis along with a dash of NES to form a blend of 5 original Jazz-Fusion arrangements.

Composed, mixed, and produced by Joshua Morse @ jmflava.com
Mastered by bLiNd @ blindhandicap.com
Cover Art by Matt Hackett @ lostdecadegames.com

Connect with Joshua Morse
- Homepage: jmflava.com
- Facebook: facebook.com/joshuamorsemusic
- Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/joshuamorse
- YouTube: www.youtube.com/joshuamorsemusic
- Twitter: twitter.com/joshuamorse


released December 30, 2014



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